Tuesday, August 1, 2017

End of July already?

Hello All,

Had a fast one in SLO this week! We had a great 1st Zone Conference with President, and Sister Nakken. Man it was just amazing. I loved every second of it.

Had another great lesson with Hayden! Bummer/Miracle of the week is that we Dropped Ryan Duncan. He's the one who had the date for the 12th of August :( But it's all good. Due to Accountability, and Commitment issues we have to say good bye for right now. Sounds crazy I know but as missionaries it's an act of Faith when it comes to this stuff. It's hard, and you don't want to do it. But the Lord sees that and all you can do is hope then for his "Merits, Mercy, and Grace." Which is pretty reliable;)

We learn in 2 Timothy to "Endure hardness as a good Solider of Jesus Christ." Man I love that!
Doesn't hearing that just want you to be better?! Every morning from 6:30-10:00 we get ready for the day. We workout, Eat breakfast, get ready for the day, then Studies:) (my fav) Ever since the 1st day of my mission I call that "Gear up." That's the first thing we do every day. We "Gear up." Do you? The world is a scary and evil, and is only getting worse. "Soldiers of Jesus Christ" can't "Endure" if they don't "Gear up!"  I invite you all to do the same. The times is now! It's not good enough to be a Consecrated Neutral. Pick a Side.
God bless you all!

Love, Elder Judd

 I want to live here some day!

Exchanges with Elder Chesley

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