Monday, August 7, 2017

God never forsakes, or forgets. He just molds, and makes.

Hello All!

Had a fast one but a good one! Found a new Investigator named Evan! He is Hayden's roommate. He's that first miracle after dropping Ryan...(told you;)) Evan is the son of a Pastor at the Church of Christ. With both Hayden and Evan we had an awesome discussion about the Doctrine of Christ. Man it was awesome. When we baptize Hayden along with Evan... were then gonna baptize that whole Pastors Congregation! You watch it's coming...YSA's are the future of this church. With the help of the Lord, it's our job to help raise them to become who they are to become. And that is indeed what the Lord wants. Such a blessing. Transfer ends this week! I hit 13 months on the 13th...Shoot.

Been reading in the BOM everyday (per usual) and have found an increased ability to "Simplify" living the gospel. A lot of the brethren lately have been putting a big hit on this.

With that in mind I want to bear my testimony that when Conversion is assured, LIVING the gospel does not have to be Complex. It can be made "simple". And as we increase our study and application of the Scriptures, and do as Nephi said which is to "Liken them unto us..." I know that our ability to comprehend how God governs, motivates, and blesses will be dramatically "Simplified.” Which just means that living all these so called "rules" can bring us true Joy, and true Happiness in this life, and in the next.

God never forsakes, nor forgets. He just molds, and makes.

Love, Elder Judd

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