Monday, October 2, 2017

General Conference

Dear People,

Man what a great week indeed. My new companion is Elder Hales and he’s amazing, and we are off and running. He is a little farm boy from "Spanish Fark Utah.”

I hope you all loved General Conference as much as me!:)

"Live in such a way that God can work through you." - John C. Pingree Jr.  I loved that quote.

Let us all be a clean channel who God can use to bring to pass his eternal purposes! And keep in mind that to be a channel means to be trusted. And as we go forth with faith we can "Look unto him in every thought, doubt not, fear not."

Proverbs 3:27

Love, Elder Judd

p.s.  Thank you for the pictures from grandpa’s funeral.  It was hard to not be with you, but I know he is happy where he is. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Faith + Hope

Hey Hey!

Had a great one this week…a lot better from last week anyways! I know that the Lord is mindful of his servants, and knows them perfectly. The Lord blesses us sometimes in ways we don't see, or aren’t "immediate". We need to combine Faith + Hope so we can trust Him.

We were so blessed to receive some "Golden Referrals" from a family and from head quarters! So make sure and tune in next week:)

We had a lesson with Sarah and Peter Dustin this week so that was amazing. We hadn't met with them for a couple weeks but we were able to fix that:) We brought our WML so that helped ton. We taught the Restoration and emphasized Eternal Families. They have 2 cute little girls so it was so wonderful. The Spirit was strong especially as blessings were promised, and as testimonies were born.

I love being a missionary. I love the Book of Mormon . I love God.

Love, Elder Judd

p.s. Transfers coming up...Pray that we stay together and I stay in Cam!

Friday, September 15, 2017

'Full Technology Mission'

Dear fam,

We’re late because of our awesome week!

Had an awesome week this week...I have been on an absolute Spiritual High!

We had an awesome chance to have a fireside with Alex Boye in Ventura. He told his conversion story and sang a couple of songs. The dude is funny, and kinda weird. But it was wonderful missionary experience.

 I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. Ran into some people this week who REALLY didn't like us. One guy even called me a "Pretty boy"...(My brother Parker is probably like yeah, he right).  So we ran into 2 pretty sticky situations when it comes to people bashing with us.  I know every situation is different and we are to act as we feel so inspired to.  The first experience came on exchanges with Elder Powell. We tracked into a family where the mother and father right away started to argue and say a lot of nasty things regarding Joseph Smith and the church. They denied sincere testimony along with every thing they had to offer.  The spirit was not there. And they were very active in what they believed. They were very hostile with their language and approach.  We took every different angle we could, and things were getting worse.

The second one came last night at a lesson with Elder Johnson and Elder Longi. We were teaching our investigator named Ann outside of a public library. We were wrapping up and then a man walked up and started to warn Ann that ‘we were of the devil and teaching false doctrine’. This was a lot worse than the firsts experience.  He was loud, very hostile, and said a lot of horrible, horrible things.  We were respectful, kind and loving.  But there is a fine line with that, and then defending our faith.  So we all stood up.  We didn’t say anything rude, or anything we would regret.  He wouldn’t stop, and talked about, ‘how it was his job to take people out of the Mormon church’. Then he started to walk away and told us to never come back.  And if we came back then he would come to our church and ‘preach’. So we told him when and where church was.  (Keep in mind our investigator is watching all of this). He kept yelling as he walked away, so we just apologized to Ann and finished up our lesson.

We also had a mission tour with Elder Schweitzer and Elder Wakolo of the Seventy. Man it was POWERFUL. I was able to receive some insight from the spirit which made it even more special.

To let you know what they said, in closing I would like to bear my testimony of Joseph Smith. That he was a wonderful man. A man of God. More importantly I bear witness that at the age of 14 this young boy knelt in a grove of trees not far from his farm house in Palmyra New York…and prayed to our God who then showed himself to this boy. Along with his Son, Jesus Christ. And over time through this boy prophet the Lord himself restored to the earth the FULLNESS of what the Father would have for his children while here in this preparatory state. I bear testimony that to stand for this transcendent event Joseph Smith was led to a record on golden plates. And by the very Power of God I bear testimony that Joseph Smith translated this record. Into what we have now...The Book of Mormon. I testify of this Book. That it is of God. That it is indeed the most correct of any book on earth, and that no man would get closer to God than by abiding by it's precepts. I know that a consistent study of it brings renewal, and that our ability to resist temptation will increase. I testify in the name of the Lord that because of the RESTORATION of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we have the fullness.  I know that as we live the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ the lives of our families will be blessed. And that through sacred Covenants made in the Lord’s house...We have the Authority to bind on earth and also in Heaven.  Jesus is the Christ, the Author and finisher of all that is and is to come. The Savior and Redeemer of the World suffered, lived, and died. And on the 3rd day He rose again. I know because of that we will all live again.

I speak from personal experience when I say that God over time puts certain people in our path to test us, to teach us, and some times even reveal to us our progression. And I know that in the midst of those moments as we "Look unto him in every thought", we realize that God's Hand is involved...That we will be fearless. And that God never forgets, nor forsakes. He just molds and makes. I will go ahead and close in the name of him whom I get to walk with every day, even Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Judd

P.S. We are offically a "Full technology mission”. Starting within the next couple weeks ALL MISSIONARIES  will be getting their own Smart phone. You will be getting an email shortly about the details from president. Wow it's gonna be amazing. Each missionary is to but their own phone and that stays with them. But only one comp has the Sim card and it stays in the Area come transfers.

That's awesome right?!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The week was a hot one!

Hello Hello Hello!

Had a great one and a quick one! This week there was a heat wave that passed over CAM so it was sooooo hawwt:(  (Doesn't happen that often) And plus we have been blessed every day so that helps.

We had interviews this week with President and Sister Nakken. It was a lot of fun. Due to time we were unable to sit down and talk with them. So we just took them to a lesson with 2 of our Investigators, Fred and Becky. Man that was a cool experience! We read and taught from Alma 32. Verses 1-16 is a Discourse to the Humble. Man, I wanna be like Alma. A nyways it was powerful.
And we had so so so so so so so so so so so so so much fun.

We also picked up a New Investigator this week named Ken Dawson! It was so cool:) He told us right off the bat "I'm not interested in Converting yet." And then I said, "Well that's good cause we don't Baptize Mormons!"  So here we go…

Hey I have been thinking a lot about you and grandpa and death. God decided to take both my grandpa's away.  I am sad, and it hurts. But he's also giving me a nephew in return.  The circle of life and the plan of happiness. Man I love him. God is good. God is really really good.

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, August 28, 2017

I can honestly say I have never been so happy.

Hey Hey Hey!

Man, what a week indeed! I just want to start out by bearing my testimony that this is the Lord's work. And that maybe even more importantly, he moves his work forward…no matter what! I know that we must have by our side the Divine Companionship of the Holy Ghost to move his work forward. And that we can walk with "Power and "Authority as we do so. And walk with Confidence that God is guiding our every move.

This week we had the chance to present our ‘Zone Theme’ and it went so well!  Our zone is full of some pretty stellar missionaries.  ‘Preach Deliverance by His Pattern’. That is our theme.  Elder McLawhorn taught about deliverance and how it relates to our purpose.  And then I gave a talk on gospel patterns.  And then we introduced PMG as the pattern to preach deliverance.  We are really hitting PMG hard. Commitments and goals.  We will be having a sit down with each companionship in the zone in the next 2 weeks to see how it is all going.

We found 6 new investigators this week! And they are all families! None with children are old enough to be baptized yet.  Their names are Nhina and Vin, and they are long time member referrals. They are Buddhist.  Then Sarah and Peter Dustin, who we had dinner with!  We taught them the plan of salvation, and plan to set them with a date this Thursday.  They have 2 daughters who are little. They are so promising, and ready.  Then we found Fred and Becky.  They came from the area book.  Fred is solid, and we’re having a little harder of a time with Becky.  We had a very powerful experience last night with them.  They had a lot of questions that we were able to answer for them.  Fred’s mother passed away not too long ago and so that was awesome to share about where she is now, and what will happen to all of us when we die.  I thought about my grandpa’s.  The spirit was so strong, and we know they felt it.  Fred said the closing prayer and we were so happy.  He gave the most beautiful prayer.  It was great.

The hot topic this week was the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching it simply because it answers those three main questions of the soul. Of where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going.

I know that God loves us. We are all literally his children. That we knew him as our father before we came here. And then we received a body of flesh and bone. Just as his. And that we have been sent here to be tried, and to be tested. And then in those moments, look to God. And trust him. I know that death is part of this glorious plan. And needs to happen in order for us to experience a "fullness of joy." And that we will all be resurrected. That unconditional gift.  And I know that we will all stand before our maker to me judged according to our works and desires.

I love being a missionary. And can honestly say I have never been so happy.

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, August 21, 2017

I love what I am doing.

Friends and Fam,

Sorry for the short one! Had a great week! I LOVE my new Companion Elder McLawhorn. He's from NC and we came out together. He is a stud. We play basketball and lift every week :)  We are so powerful together, and we feed off each other. We were just talking about how we just feel "BIG" when were walking down the street. And we always know that is the Power of the Divine Companionship. The Lord is blessing us every day. Have had so many cool experiences, and opportunities to teach 10-15 minute Restoration messages. Even just in contacting.

I love what I am doing. I love it. And why? People ask me that all the time when I say I love it.  Why? Because I have a perfect knowledge that at this time in my life, I am doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do. Satisfaction, that comes through the Power of the Holy Ghost revelating to me that what I am doing is pleasing Unto God. And that I testify that "true "Joy" in this life comes from no other source.

Love, Elder Judd

Friday, August 18, 2017

New comp. New Area. New Assignment.

Week 7 went by fast!

Transfers are here and I am saying goodbye to SLO YSA! I am headed down to Camarillo to be a Zone Leader. My new Comp is Elder McLawhorn. He is from North Carolina. We came out together and have became really good friends.

I hope this is okay to put in my email. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my oldest brother Spence, and my sister in law, Natalie! Elder Judd will be an Uncle! Taylor and Sarah you better step up to the plate. Because you're up next.  Who knows Sarah and Travis might jump the gun:)

 I love seeing the Hand of the Lord in my families lives as I serve. Tears of Joy fell when I heard the news. Baby Judd is coming soon. And Uncle Elder Judd (favorite uncle) will greet him last:)

I want to bear my testimony of the need we all have to recognize the hand of God in our lives on a day to day basis. As a missionary it is made a little easier. But I wanted to focus a little bit more when concerning our own progression. I received a letter from my Dad this week where he shared a scripture he had already shared with me in a letter previous. He said he "felt" that he should share this with me again. I know that "thought" to be inspired. And first I want to thank him for being worthy of the Divine Companionship of the Holy Ghost. It is personal so I won't tell to much. But I know in order for us to Progress we have to allow it. I know it sounds different. But some times the biggest road blocks we have in our lives are due to the creator of them. Our own selves. We "build up" when the Savior's Atonement is begging us to first access his power, that will then enable is to "take down" those Spiritual barriers. That once again Stunts our growth. Doctrine and Covenants 123...My whole mission I have not let myself "look back" to see where I have made it. Or to see that "change." I was so focused on setting my sights forward, that in reality I was disallowing myself to "see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." I know that God both allows and desires for us to look back and see the progress we have made. Because it is in that moment that we must look to him. Knowing that it was all done by his hand. That everything we become, and everything we yet hope to become is because of him.

Love, Elder Judd
 Look ma, the cleanest apartment award!
 President and Sister Nakken
 Good-bye companion...
Hello new companion, new area, new assignment!