Monday, November 28, 2016

Turkey day.

Dear Friends Fam and Friends,

Week 5 is down for the count.  Week 6 coming up fast:)  Transfers are next week so that it sooooo crazy.

Momma, thank you for that ADVENT CALENDAR! ...It made me get emotional.  I can't wait to apply those scriptures.  Christmas here is going to be hard. Not because of the presents, or the snow, or the traditions, but because I am without my family.  I am scared but really excited.  I am missing you guys so much.  Please have a good Christmas!  And know that I am doing the best thing in the world.

This week was full of Tender Mercies, and so many Miracles!

We have a new Investigator! His name is Ulysees. He is Catholic, but wants something "more" which is exactly what we have! Our first time we met with him on Saturday! We committed him to be baptized and he said yes! We have plans to set him with a date this Friday. 

The Lord truly does reward those who are faithful, and endure. 

The work here is tough, but with Faith, Christmas time, and most of all the never failing Grace of our Lord and Savior…we always see our fruits. 

Thanksgiving was amazing, and we got to spend it with an amazing Family from the WLV ward!  

Highlight of the Week: The TEMPLE!!

I would like to end with my simple testimony of the Blessing it is to have Temples here on Earth. I testify that it is God's home here on the Earth. It is not until you gain a testimony for yourself, that you will fully understand both the reality, and Power of that Statement.

I invite you all to attend the temple once a week, and as you do this you will receive the Spirit. A Prophet has commanded it, and We want to obey right? Do it.

We believe no Matter what happens or doesn't happen!

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Birfday, Thanksgivin', Christmas Initiative

Holla Como Estas!?

Yeah, my Spanish is the Best.😄

I am forced to learn a little, and pick it up because we have a lot of Spanish Contacts Haha! 

Anyways this week was Awesome...It was my Birthday so that was soooooo fun:) Birthdays are always fun on the mission. The ward is so awesome, and I love these Kids! I was able to spend a lot of time with them and a family from the Family ward so that was awesome!

The work here is tough...but so fun! I don't know if I told you about Kevin who was our Investigator with a baptismal date.  Long Story short…he dropped us. It's okay though. Back to finding mode. We have given out sooooo many referrals to all the missionaries so that is our claim to fame. It's my testimony that you don't just plant seeds by teaching them. God is in the details!

Highlight of the Week! ATTENTION: This past week I got to experience something wonderful. On Friday we got together with another zone with President and Sister Felix!  We had the annual "Christmas Initiative." We received a two hour training that was just amazing, and received the exciting news that Elder M. Russell Ballard will be coming to our mission on December 10th!!! Yeah you heard it right....Be Jealous.
If you aren't I would ask that you do all you can to come to know of the blessing it is to have Prophets and Apostles here on the Earth.
We then saw "The Video”…I can't give anything away but I gotta give you some. These 3 Things:

1. Get ready to act as Christ, and get outside of yourself and serve. 25 days. In 25 days.
2. The church has never done anything like this before

The Full video comes out on November 25th. The teaser that is online right now cannot compare.
Make sure and watch closely to see who mirrors who. 
It makes me cry every time. I am so excited for Christmas as a missionary. For the chance I have to spread the TRUE meaning of Christmas. 

Thanksgiving is this week! Be sure and to thank Heavenly Father for at least one thing every day! I hope you already do that.

I am so grateful for my Family. For each and every one them. I am grateful for two loving Parents who love and Nurture their Children. They are not perfect. But they are the two most Christ Like people I have in my life. But most importantly they love the Lord more than each other. And their children.  And they put him First always. I pray that this will be a lesson for us all.  I love them all very much, and this little pup could not have hand picked any better big brothers and big sis(s) to go before and Pave the way. I thank my God for them every day. And I cannot wait for the eternities with them.

I am most grateful for Jesus Christ. My testimony is short. He lived, and he died. And he lives again. And shall live forever. And because of him, we all shall live forever. And live, and be with the people we love for time and all eternity. He is the only person who's life was completely Successful. 100%. No correction, nor Repentance necessary. Jesus Christ is at the center of my life. He will always be. I love my elder brother. And thank him every day by choosing to live the way I do. Do you?

Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Judd 

The Sherwoods took me to lunch on my birthday p-day!

Monday, November 14, 2016

It's my birthday!

Hello All!!

Well week 3 is checked off, and it’s my 19th birthday. That’s so crazy to me! 

This week was full of so many miracles, and tender mercies. All thanks to our Heavenly Father, and the desire to work that these members have so much of! 

Kevin our investigator, had to move his date back due to Word of Wisdom issues but that's okay! He's ready and willing to repent and improve! Because that is exactly what we are here to do...just Repent, and improve, and keep trying.  t's my testimony that the only way to do that is through the divine love, mercy, and care of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have really been learning a lot lately about the love that our Heavenly Father has for us. "To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." God wants to exalt us!  Do you know what that means? If you don't, find out. If you do. Accept it!

That is our Father’s divine purpose. Everything He has given us, everything we are...IS NOT OURS! It has been given to us, to help us help the Father fulfill His plan! Isn't that crazy? Want to know something even more crazy?? A lot of the time, we don't want it. We don't want "exaltation"….Why not?  We are unable to realize our true and divine potential. 

I testify that God lives and wants us to become like Him. And He has provided for us a way to do that. 

 I loved the birthday package so much, and it made me feel like I was home! The Sherwoods are taking me to lunch! We helped with their son’s eagle project. They remind me so much of you and Dad and that is why I love them so much. They are so kind and loving. She reminds me of you especially. I have told her this too. 

I love you and miss you, and try not to think about you all too much. I loved every little thing in that package and was freaking out when I was opening it!:)

Love your son for the eternities....Love, Elder Judd

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I love the YSA ward!

Hello All! 

Well Week 1 of this transfer is in the books!

I love my new comp and I love my new area...I love the YSA members so much. It's really cool working with a lot of people closer to your age! We set an Investigator with a Baptismal date for the 26th of November! Miracle numero uno:)  Once again I love working with the YSA members. A few of them are returned missionaries so that helps!  

We got to carve pumpkins yesterday with the 1st counselor and his family so that was a blast!

My new comp is Elder Campbell. He's from Rexburg, Idaho and this is his last transfer! It's crazy. What a blessing for me to learn from a missionary who has been around the block. He wrestles and fought MMA for a couple years as well…pretty gnarly right!?!?  He teaches me moves every night just incase I find myself in a situation:) 

I love this work and I love these people. We have a worldwide training the 5th of November so that should be awesome!

It's weird...I face a new challenge every day no matter what. So many opportunities to grow.  This is all truly a trial of my Faith. I love what Joseph Smith says: "EVERY blessing we receive comes from obedience.”  So simple, yet so true. Everyday I am learning more and more of the power and ability that comes from obeying with exactness.   We are all imperfect, and I am an imperfect missionary. But what will always lie in the balance is a choice. A choice is something that we make everyday. That choice is either good or bad. Disobedient or Obedient. 

"Selective Obedience brings selective blessing" D&C 130:20-21.

I invite you all to study the above scripture and apply it. 

I love being a missionary. It's hard, tough, and can even get you down at times. But more importantly it's fun, crazy, awesome, and everything in between. The good will always outlast the bad. It has from the beginning.   And will continue to do so for time and all Eternity.

Have faith
Work Hard
Obey with Exactness
Punch Satan in the Face

Love, Elder Judd