Monday, May 29, 2017

One new investigator!

Had a great week this week! Had the great blessing to meet with a lot of LA's this week which was really good because we haven't ever really done a lot of that at all in this area. Met some more drunk people this week so that's something that will always put a smile on your face.  President, and Sister Felix just have a couple more weeks so their time is winding down!

We found 1 New Investigator and she is sooooooooo SOLID!  Let me just say 2 things:

First, our God is a God of Miracles. Second, He really does work in mysterious ways. Marcy Collins has been trying to investigate this church. But she has been married to a long time LA named Mike Collins. Who really is a nice guy, but just never got around to softening his heart. And he was not gonna let her investigate the church "without his consent." To make a long story short, they were both every ill, and 1 week ago Mike Collins passed away. We were then able to meet with Marcy, and set her with a baptismal date for June 24th!  Marcy is 55 years old,  but looks likes she's 70 because of how sick she is. She is really struggling with Mike being gone, but has the faith to move mountains, so that is what is keeping her going. She is so excited. We are in contact with her daily, and meet with her twice a week. It's just a matter of can she stay healthy?  I love her so much, and she is so ready. So pray for her, and for her health especially. Mike is in a better place now, and is most likely cheering her on. She is so excited to be sealed to him, and that is her aim.

Aren't we so grateful for hard times in our lives that can make us stronger?  It makes me think of this scripture in 2 Corinthians 12. We learn in Ether 12:27 this same underlying principle. The Power of the Word!

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

Love, Elder Judd

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baptisms! Transfers. Happiness

Family and Friends, 

Sorry but it's gonna have to be a quick one...

Had a great Week!!! The Baptism of Patrick and Nicole was AMAZING, and the Spirit was SO strong! It was a day that was hand picked by the Lord. May 20th was their day, and all that is good belongs to them. They are so happy, and now have all motives focused on the Temple! With the new Temple attendance update for missionaries we can go with them their first time to go and do Baptisms! How cool is that?!? They are so so so excited, and that day will hopefully be here with in a couple of weeks!

Transfers are here and I am staying in Lompoc with Elder Deason! It's gonna be a 5 week transfer because this is the Felix's last transfer:( So that is sad, and it will be every hard to see them go. So I'm guessing this one will go quick! Looks like we're just gonna have to continue to find the elect people here in Lompoc to call to Repentance:)

Had some really good studies this week in Sections 40&41 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

The Gospel is right because it is true...Learn the Gospel. Live the Gospel. Love the Gospel.

Love, Elder Judd

Their wonderful family baptism!

My awesome district!

 Community Service Day
A kind family who fed us!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear family,

It was sooooooo wonderful to hear your voices yesterday.  I love you so much.

It has been an amazing week…a lot of time spent with Patrick and Nicole getting them ready for their Baptism! They are so excited, and so ready. Satan really is trying so hard on them, so PLEASE PLEASE keep them both in your prayers. 

Heard some more gunshots 1 or 2 streets over so that was neat. (normal here in Lompoc...there was a shooting a couple weeks ago about 1 street over so are kinda used to it;)

Had the chance to go on some more exchanges this past week so that is always fun. I was in Santa Barbara for a night so that's always fun.  (place is evil) but the weather was nice!  

We had a really cool Zone Activity, where we all went on a hike with President and Sister Felix. We had to do things blindfolded, and then tied together so that was pretty fun. I got to see some of my past comps so that made it even better!

I hope you all are happy, and have found joy and meaning in the covenants you have made. As I have been reading the Book of Mormon, I really have been thinking about the power of covenants. In the Book of Mosiah, there are two stories of a people being delivered by the hand of the Lord out of bondage. There were a lot of similarities, but also many key differences as well. The people of Limhi, and the people of Alma the Elder were both in bondage to the Lamanites. But because Alma and his people had made covenants and kept them, the Lord was more fully able to show forth his had in helping them escape. Go and read those stories. You graduating seniors - although your report cards might not show it...I encourage you all to get an "A" in "Covenant Keeping." And then watch, listen, and take heed to the blessings that God will place in your path as you keep your promises!

Love, Elder Judd

 Picking it back up...
An awesome snack on the run.

 Hiking activity with President Felix

 Exchanges with Elder Pickett - I played BB against him at Timpanogas HS
Happy Mother's Day Mama!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Star Wars Wedding

What a week indeed here in the Great California Ventura Mission!!!

Hope you all had an a amazing week just like I did...

Patrick and Nicole's wedding was this week and it was absolutely amazing! We were able to go so that was a special, and forever cherished moment I will remember forever with them. They got married on May the 4th (Star Wars Day) Why? Because they are Star Wars nerds...Jordan our RC who is also Patrick's younger brother was a "Registered Jedi Knight" so he was able to marry them. That was cool for the whole family. Patrick and Nicole both got emotional because 1. The Spirit was there, and strong  2. They both understand that this means one step closer to their baptism on the 20th, but even more, one step closer to something even bigger, and better. And that is the day that they will all kneel together and be sealed as a family for time and all of eternity in the House of the Lord.  What marvelous day that will be!

We had exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. That was a blast and so many miracles were witnessed. Elder Horman and I on Friday tracted into an 18 year old kid who was walking home from school. His name was Jose and is awesome! Apparently two missionaries ran into him a couple of months ago and never followed up!:(  In the missionary world that is a big no no. Anyways he is already half way through it, and loves it! We gave him another Restoration pamphlet, and set a return appointment with him for this next week. But check it…the next day (Saturday) I told Elder Deason about him and I just kept getting the feeling that we should go over now, and not wait!  He is ready, and ready now. No need for anyone to "wait" in this life to hear the message that we have to share! Anyways we did that exact thing! So Saturday in the late afternoon we went over and met him! We were able to get in the door, and teach him. We did some HTBT, with an emphasis on the Book of Mormon, Baptism, and Prayer. Long story short he felt the spirit, and he committed to be baptized on June 3rd. First lesson. So amazing. So blessed. I received my own witness when we were right there teaching him that the Lord does indeed pave the way for gathering his elect. Jose is a textbook example. He is ready, willing, and hungry for the truth.

That same day we also as a mission had the glorious opportunity to receive a 2 hour training from one of the Lord's annointed. Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  It was incredible.  He is very powerful, and very inspiring. And very sharp as well.  That man's got this whole life thing figured out…you knew the moment he walked into the room, that he  knows the Savior. He spoke a lot about divine law, and the "how and "why" of making Christ the center of our lives and building up from there.

God bless you all.  And it is my prayer that He will show you, as you act in accordance to his will, what can come into one's life as we truly learn what it means to have a life built and centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel. May we all take up our cross daily, and follow Him. Then stand with him, and not run when things get hard. For that is when we are truly tested. Will you run and hide? 

I am loving my mission. Because I have found true Joy. 

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, May 1, 2017

See. Do. Get.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Bermuda looks amazing!  And you two deserve all the fun I know you are having.  I am doing absolutely amazing. My district is amazing.  They are some of the most wonderful people.  Interviews coming up, as well as Elder Christofferson so I’m really looking forward to this week.

The wedding for our investigators is still on and it hopefully will turn out good!   The last 2 weeks our district found 15 new investigators as a district.  That goes to show how awesome they are!

Thank you for not sending me all the help I asked for, for my district meeting.  Thank you so much for letting me grow. I studied, studied, and studied.  And prayed, and prayed and prayed. The theme was ‘power in finding’.  And the pattern was ‘hope in finding, faith in finding, then trust in finding.’ And the continual application of all three.  Our meeting went great, and the speakers did an amazing job, and then I led a big discussion to wrap it all up.  I related it to SEE. DO. GET. And did a little training on that.  With some sections out of the D&C.  And also talked about becoming a ‘trustee’.  Look up the definition of the word and then you will know why.  And closed with D&C 121:34-35.  That is something within our circle of influence.  Then we become the ‘trustee’ and this is the source of all power.  ‘Power in the trustee!’  The spirit was strong, and I myself learned so much.


Elder Judd
 Thanks for the new pants.