Monday, December 26, 2016

70 degree Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

What an amazing couple of days it has been. This week went by so fast, and we are now half way through this transfer! 

Christmas was absolutely perfect. I loved that it was on the sabbath.  I loved talking to my family, and hearing their wonderful voices. We had dinner with a member family on Christmas, and we also opened our presents we got from our family and friends! So thank you all! Thank you for sending a stocking to my companion too.  I loved my picture blanket. 

Let us Adore him still! And start fresh with a new Year, and Repent every day. 

Luke 2

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas Family!

Feliz-Lovey-Dove! (that's how my sister said it when she little)

Christmas is in 6 days...and then the New Year! What a great day to be living, and a even better time to be a missionary:)

This week was wonderful!  Moor Park, (the college) is empty for the holidays so that's a bummer:)

It's ok, just gotta be more creative. We are in COMPLETE finding mode so that is so fun! We are talking to soooooo many people, and dropping soooo many BOM’s.  And it is soooooo fun! Sun up to sun down…contacting day in and day out! Teaching and testifying 24-7.

With Christmas coming up, the elves are watching people...and I hope you all have been very good this year!

#LIGHTtheWORLD is absolutely wonderful. We have received 0 Referrals, and have 0 Investigators, but we have the feeling that the Lord is preparing someone. We don't know who, we don't know when, we just know it will! 

I love being a missionary. The Lord truly does work is mysterious ways. 

SURPRISE: I am off my scooter and walk with a little limp. So that is so good!

I learned so much, and needed that correction. As we learn from Elder Hugh B. Brown: "God is the Gardener!" And all we have to do is TRUST.
The love I feel for my Savior grows and builds every day. In doing so, every day I receive a deeper, and deeper confirmation from the Holy Ghost testifying to me of the Love that my Heavenly Father has for me. Know where you come from, know who you are. It is my testimony that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. Think about that please...  

Family and friends, now is the time to be bold, and fearless, because we adore Him. 

I love you all...Let us all continue to do all what we have been fore-ordained to do. And #LIGHTtheWORLD with his Love.

Joshua 1:9

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas with Elder Ballard!

Hello from the West Coast!

At the end of this Transfer I will be 6 months into my mission! Sooooooo crazy!

Momma, thank you soooo much for the Christmas CD! I listen to it every day, and it makes me sooo happy. About my foot, it’s very sore and I have to hop around a lot. Yes I’m taking care of it.

The highlight of the week was Elder M. RusselL Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles coming to our mission!!! Our entire mission of 165 missionaries came together in Ventura Stake Center early on Saturday and awaited his arrival. It was absolute bliss. 

The theme of his talk was "Let Us Adore Him" because of this great Christmas Season we are in the midst of! As members of this wonderful Church we have a lot of knowledge and RESPONSABILITY to help prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We must be able to teach more powerfully than the other influences in the world that seek to take over and destroy the family. 

As we talk to more people daily about the gospel, we will see more success in our work and Heavenly Father will be able to open up new opportunities. Simply because we act in Faith. "Faith is a Principle of Power", which occurs usually because we ACT in faith. 

One of the most Inspiring  things that Elder Ballard said, was for us to imagine passing on from this life. And then seeing family and friends that will ask us, "Why didn't you tell me? You had the truth and didn't tell me?!" We all have had experiences where we could have opened our mouth and testified of Christ…but for some reason, we chose not to.

You cannot die out of being a missionary. You cannot die out of doing missionary work. God has trusted you with the knowledge that I hope you all have. The ONE THING He asks in return is that you share it. 

This Christmas Season let us walk with the name Jesus Christ on our lips. And testify that He is the "true" reason for the season.

Adore him!

Love, Elder Judd

Caroling with the YSA ward
 A member sent us this picture.  If you know Benji at all, this is totally him!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Peg leg, warts, and transfers...oh my!

What's Up Everybody!?!?

Well that's a wrap for week 6 and this Transfer! Elder Campbell is headed back home to Potato Land...(Idaho)

My New Comp is Elder Whatcott from Fillmore, Utah. He was in my MTC district so that is awesome! We are going to get along so well, and have so much success. He's been in my district for the past transfer so he's always been close! 

The YSA ward is doing awesome. We have all of our ward missionaries leaving so we will need to get some more! The Christmas Devo last night was absolutely wonderful and I hope you all got a chance to watch it! It made me really excited for Elder Ballard this Saturday! 

The #LIGHTtheWORLD Project is going great here, and I hope you ALL are doing it! 25 ways over 25 days:)  What a great opportunity to live a Christ Centered life by having, and DOING Christ like Behaviors.

NEWS: So I got a really really big Planter wart removed from my foot and I will be on a peg leg for 1-2 months.  A member who is podiatrist here took care of it for me.  The biopsy comes back next week.  It’s okay though because God has a plan, and it is truly a Trial of my Faith! Ether 12:6.

I love you, and miss you all. And hope you are having just as much fun living as I am! (not possible:))   I testify to you all that there is nothing in God's plan that has more of an Eternal Significance than the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Along with GIVING(most important) I hope you all take a time out and work on your own Ability to RECEIVE. Every gift you receive this year, and how you react when you receive a mirror image of how you receive the Savior. Do you receive it with: Humility? Love? Gratitude? Promise that you will use it? 

Blessed be the name of our Lord!

Love, Elder Judd