Monday, October 24, 2016


Hello All!

Well week 6 of this Transfer is in the books! And sooooo many Miracles:)

TRANSFERS ED: I have been Transferred to the YSA ward! I am still in Westlake Village but am being white washed. I am soooo excited and can't wait to work with young people. My Companion is Elder Campbell who I will meet on Tuesday. Very sad to have only spent 6 weeks in this AMAZING Westlake Village family ward; but I guess my work there is done! On to new and better things!

I have heard a lot of good things about our YSA ward, but apparently the girls can get a little flirtatious at times but they got no chance.
(don't worry momma) I have absolutely loved being in this ward. I have grown to love the people sooooo much. It's really gonna be hard to leave them but I know if it's the Lords will for me, He will give me another crack at it. Eva and Tita our two RC's are doing amazing. I will miss them so much. I love them... seriously like...I do! The work here is amazing and The Great California Ventura Mission is the best in the World. I don't care what all you RM's have to say:)

I am struggling everyday, but that's because missions are hard. Very hard. So many tender mercies every day that keep missionaries goin'.
The Lord truly provides for those who are Faithful, Diligent, and Humble. I'm still a kid. One of the youngest in the field, and that means a certain maturity level comes with that. haha.  There are a lot of old Elders is in the mission but that means more maturity and experience that is much needed.

I am sad to say that I will be saying "kind of" goodbye to Elder Morgan. He will be staying in Westlake for His 3rd Transfer! Lucky duck....
I say kind of because I am moving all my stuff into the other room:) We get new elders  in our apartment so that is fun.

My simple message to you all in this email is brief...

Love where you are, lift where you stand, and Magnify it. God knows us all so much more than we know ourselves. Ever think about that?
I bear Testimony of my Heavenly Father, that  He lives. He has a body that is Resurrected, Glorified and Perfected. I love you, and He loves you. 

In my opinion the most crucial moment in one's life is the moment where that person truly submits their own will to God's.  It's a lot easier said than done. That's one of the many things a mission is teaching me.

Mosiah 4:9

Stay True

Love, Elder Judd

Monday, October 17, 2016

First baptism!

Hello Family and Friends!!!

This week has been ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

Tita Lawrence and Eva Key were Baptized on Saturday! It was such an amazing and sacred experience. Elder Morgan and I will both truly cherish this memory forever. I was so blessed to have been able to confirm Eva the following Sunday.(Yesterday) It was the first confirmation I have ever done so I was like...Nervous! But it was soooo good:)

Remember how I told you about those Investigators we dropped? Well we did indeed receive something in return...
So about 2 months ago before I was even in Westlake, Elder Morgan and Elder Hales had been trying to get a hold of this Potential Investigator. Her name is Susan Martinez. They had no luck. Fast forward 2 months later with Elder Morgan and I as of 2 weeks ago started going back to see if we could get a hold of her! We had no luck for a little while but every time we went over to see if she was home, (she wasn't) we would always see her teenage daughters there. And they would always tell us "no so sorry she isn't home but come back!" So we did and as of last week we went by again and Susan was there! After trying and trying and trying. We were about to call it quits on Susan but we pushed through! Anyways, last week she let us in, and was soooo kind! She's a single mom of 3 kids. 7 year old boy, and then two daughters who are 17 and 18. Disappointingly Sister Martinez had to deal with her younger son in the moment so we couldn't meet with her. BUT we got her written consent, and began to teach the 2 daughters! Their names are Shyanne and Karsyn. They are both so humble, and "Looking for Jesus." What a MIRACLE. Long story short, Karsyn and Shyanne both have Baptism dates on November 19th! We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, committed them both to read and pray about the Book of Mormon every day. They said yes,  and are very excited to learn more! 

I love being a missionary. Elder Morgan and I are both very confident that their Mother also be converted as time goes on.  We have our 2nd appointment with them today! I have the best Job in the world, we don't sell anything, persuade or Convince…all we do is invite other to Come unto Christ. All success Elder Morgan and I are having is simply because of our ward family! Everybody here understands their role in helping us missionaries. And they are all sooooo kind and loving. 

In closing I would just like to all bear you my testimony of the Joy that CAN come from Repentance.  I am living Evidence of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and more importantly, I hope you are all too. Repentance is scary, and Hard. Extremely hard, matter of fact. But I witness that whatever effort, or sacrifice we put forth to better align our lives with Jesus Christ. (Repent) What we will receive in return with be both Incomparable and Indescribable. "It takes as long for you to repent as it does for you to say "I'll change", and mean it."

Serving my Savior Jesus Christ is the best thing I have ever done in my life. 

Endure. Press Forward. Press On.

Love, Elder Judd

P.S. We have dinner with the Sherwoods tonight!! I love her cuz she reminds me of you mom!!  We're gonna talk about the "big hair”:)

Monday, October 10, 2016

First baptisms coming this week!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hello fam and friends. This week has been amazing. So sorry but I got the dates messed up last week! Tida and Eva will be getting baptized this Saturday! The 15th of October. It's sooooo crazy! And soooooo awesome!

We also challenged them to bear their testimonies this past Sunday and they did! It was a miracle, and it couldn't have been better. The Spirit was so strong, and they are truly changing. As we know, when you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed.  Eva and Tita both passed their interviews and next Saturday is the day! The light of Christ is simply molding them. Prophecy is being fulfilled and the very Love of God is spreading in their hearts.

We ran into a lot of crazy people this week. We ran into this one dude who was a Atheist and a Psychology major...Funny right;) He wanted to argue, and discuss so that didn't last long. A person who knows a lot about the human brain, and the wonders of the body, and yet still only believes it to be a science.  A lot of people can't explain God, so they flounder and rationalize. Told him that, and he didn't take it too well. It's okay though! 

This past week Elder Morgan and I had to take a leap of  Faith, and drop 2 investigators who could have showed promise, but were not progressing. We laid it all out there for 'em and they chose not to pick it up. It was hard. We loved both of these people very much. In return, God gave us 2 families! A family of 3, and a family of 4! What a miracle. It was truly a trial of our faith.

I love being a missionary because I am the vessel. God lives, and has called a Prophet who leads, guides, and directs the Saints.
I am always Happy.

Keep on Keepin' on

Love, Elder Judd
 Mom, these are your friends the Sherwoods from BYU.  I am in their ward!

Monday, October 3, 2016

'We still have no idea what we're doing. Thank goodness for the Spirit.'

Dear Family and Friends,

Week 9 in the books! It's crazy to think that I've been a missionary for almost 3 months!!  It's going too fast! 

Well the work here in Westlake is harvesting, just as the Lord promises.

This week is miracle week! This coming Saturday we will be having 2 Baptisms! Remember Eva Key and Tita Lawerence? Well it is their week! They are so ready, and they are so excited. I have truly came to love them so very much, and want nothing but salvation for them. We cannot wait for the time when they both will be able to go to the temple to take out their endowment. That is the main goal.

It's my Testimony that God rewards hard work. It's as simple as that. As you serve with an "eye single towards the Lord’s will”, He will grant you the desires of your heart. 
The success of Elder Morgan and I has simply happened because God has allowed it too.  Elder Morgan is a wonderful missionary, who loves his purpose, and knows it, but above all he applies it. He's a very smart, and intelligent teacher. I learn from him every day and will continue to do  so.

We still both have no idea of what we are doing. Thank Goodness for the Spirit.

I hope you all LOVED Conference as much as I did! I think we take it for granted, the chance we have to Listen to and learn from God's Chosen Prophet and Apostles. As President Monson teaches: "Whom God calls, he qualifies.”  I learned so much from every talk, and took all of it to heart. As a missionary, conference has a different meaning to you. Just remember whenever they speak, it's none of their doing, it’s all by the Spirit. 

One of my most favorite parts of Conference was watching and listening to the Missionary Choir!  I CRIED THE WHOLE TIME. To see soooooo many of my good friends with those tags on, singing those songs. It's crazy to see how we all share that same desire and testimony to serve the Lord.  That was simply just another batch of troops, preparing to be put on the front lines. They are coming, and are coming in hot…so look out Satan!

I love you, and miss you. I'm working hard, finding the elect, and Enduring to the End. Truly all thanks to God.

I love being Obedient, and seeing the POWER and blessings that come from being so. 

God lives! Your divine and merciful God and the creator of all knows you by name, and knows you personally.

How awesome is that???!!!

Hurrah for Israel

Love, Elder Judd
 Watching General Conference with an investigator
 Helping clean up a relief society enrichment activity

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Will your banner be clear?

Hello All!!!

Elder Judd huuurr! This week has been truly wonderful, fruitful, and full of MIRACLES!

Elder Morgan and I are loving it, and loving each other. 

The ward is wonderful, and they love doing missionary work! Which is the best part about it. Because member referrals means baptisms. As I said last week, Tida and Eva both have a date for October 15th. They are both so amazing, and are soooooo ready. More ready than they know. I am finding myself saying how much I truly love them all the time. And I would do anything for them. The same goes for a lot of the people in this ward. 

Along with Tida, and Eva…this passed Wednesday we tracted into this man's house named Mark! He let us in very lovingly. He is (was) a JW…we ended up teaching the restoration, and the spirit was very strong. He's in his mid 30's and lives alone. Long story short...Mark Jarbaski committed to be baptized on October 22nd. OH MY GOSH! right?? 

We have been so grateful, and find ourselves offering up more and more gratitude prayers everyday. We will continue to meet with him twice a week, and get him on his way. As we strive to begin with the end in mind, we picture every person we see whether we see them on the street, on their doorstep, or if we're teaching them a lesson. We see them all in temple white. NO MATTER WHAT. Baptism is the first step, "faith unto repentance.” 

Momma, I love being a missionary. The work is hard, but is bringing forth fruit. I can't believe the Lord has given us 3 baptismal dates already. Just trying not to be hard on myself even though I am. I can sure feel the power of the adversary everyday. Even stronger as a missionary. Make sure you let your missionaries know that. Satan hits the strong points, God hits the weak points. That's why the score is the way it is.

Working hard every day. But trying to work harder. I'm striving to be perfectly obedient, but I do find myself faltering.

It's hard, very hard. I love Elder Morgan, and all that he does. My heart it slowly but surely letting go of home.

I would like to bear you all my personal testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, the tomb is empty, and He is coming back for his own. And he does so quickly. 

 I leave you all with this question to ponder, as you prepare to meet your maker... 

"Will your banner be clear?"

Love, Elder Judd

My first ZL