Monday, May 1, 2017

See. Do. Get.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Bermuda looks amazing!  And you two deserve all the fun I know you are having.  I am doing absolutely amazing. My district is amazing.  They are some of the most wonderful people.  Interviews coming up, as well as Elder Christofferson so I’m really looking forward to this week.

The wedding for our investigators is still on and it hopefully will turn out good!   The last 2 weeks our district found 15 new investigators as a district.  That goes to show how awesome they are!

Thank you for not sending me all the help I asked for, for my district meeting.  Thank you so much for letting me grow. I studied, studied, and studied.  And prayed, and prayed and prayed. The theme was ‘power in finding’.  And the pattern was ‘hope in finding, faith in finding, then trust in finding.’ And the continual application of all three.  Our meeting went great, and the speakers did an amazing job, and then I led a big discussion to wrap it all up.  I related it to SEE. DO. GET. And did a little training on that.  With some sections out of the D&C.  And also talked about becoming a ‘trustee’.  Look up the definition of the word and then you will know why.  And closed with D&C 121:34-35.  That is something within our circle of influence.  Then we become the ‘trustee’ and this is the source of all power.  ‘Power in the trustee!’  The spirit was strong, and I myself learned so much.


Elder Judd
 Thanks for the new pants.

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