Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear family,

It was sooooooo wonderful to hear your voices yesterday.  I love you so much.

It has been an amazing week…a lot of time spent with Patrick and Nicole getting them ready for their Baptism! They are so excited, and so ready. Satan really is trying so hard on them, so PLEASE PLEASE keep them both in your prayers. 

Heard some more gunshots 1 or 2 streets over so that was neat. (normal here in Lompoc...there was a shooting a couple weeks ago about 1 street over so are kinda used to it;)

Had the chance to go on some more exchanges this past week so that is always fun. I was in Santa Barbara for a night so that's always fun.  (place is evil) but the weather was nice!  

We had a really cool Zone Activity, where we all went on a hike with President and Sister Felix. We had to do things blindfolded, and then tied together so that was pretty fun. I got to see some of my past comps so that made it even better!

I hope you all are happy, and have found joy and meaning in the covenants you have made. As I have been reading the Book of Mormon, I really have been thinking about the power of covenants. In the Book of Mosiah, there are two stories of a people being delivered by the hand of the Lord out of bondage. There were a lot of similarities, but also many key differences as well. The people of Limhi, and the people of Alma the Elder were both in bondage to the Lamanites. But because Alma and his people had made covenants and kept them, the Lord was more fully able to show forth his had in helping them escape. Go and read those stories. You graduating seniors - although your report cards might not show it...I encourage you all to get an "A" in "Covenant Keeping." And then watch, listen, and take heed to the blessings that God will place in your path as you keep your promises!

Love, Elder Judd

 Picking it back up...
An awesome snack on the run.

 Hiking activity with President Felix

 Exchanges with Elder Pickett - I played BB against him at Timpanogas HS
Happy Mother's Day Mama!

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