Wednesday, April 26, 2017

'Just do the little things.'

Hello fam and friends!  I’m sorry my email is late.  We had some car trouble in our district.

Just to start things off, Elder D. Todd Chistofferson will be coming to our mission for a Mission Wide Conference on May 6th!  So excited, and so blessed to be able to hear from 2 of the Lord's annointed in the same mission! Just in case you all forgot, we had Elder Ballard come at Christmas time. Our mission is either really really righteous, or needs some serious chastisement…hopefully that first one;)  

The week was a long one, but a good one. You have a lot of those on the mission,I have noticed. But all is well! Patrick and Nicole are doing great, and are so excited for their wedding on the 4th, and then their baptism a week later on the 13th! 

With all of these Baptisms we have been putting a lot of focus on finding, and keeping the work going forward! We know that we are promised directly form the Lord several time in the scriptures that "The field is white already to Harvest." And that means baptisms. We just have to be willing, ready to receive the miracles with great humility. Which means we look as we learn in 1Cor 3 that "God gives the increase." The Lord provides…this truly is HIS vineyard, and HIS work. If we are not willing, he will find someone else. 

Diana, Melissa, and Christina are doing okay. They still are struggling with the Word of Wisdom, and are dealing with a lot of family problems, unfortunately. And every time I go over, I come out thanking my Heavenly Father for putting me in a family where the Savior and his Gospel would be at the center. Which indeed it was, and that is where it will remain as long as my parents are alive!  

The hardest part about this work is when people feel the Spirit, and choose not to grow. It made me think though. How often do we do that as members, in less significant ways? We choose not to grow. When The Prophet asks us to read the BOM everyday, and we don't, or when we don't fulfill our callings, or keep our covenants. These little slips lead to much larger ones, until we as well may be "past hearing" and "past feeling." JUST DO THE LITTLE THINGS and we will never fall away. God is in the small details! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Judd

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