Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Star Wars Wedding

What a week indeed here in the Great California Ventura Mission!!!

Hope you all had an a amazing week just like I did...

Patrick and Nicole's wedding was this week and it was absolutely amazing! We were able to go so that was a special, and forever cherished moment I will remember forever with them. They got married on May the 4th (Star Wars Day) Why? Because they are Star Wars nerds...Jordan our RC who is also Patrick's younger brother was a "Registered Jedi Knight" so he was able to marry them. That was cool for the whole family. Patrick and Nicole both got emotional because 1. The Spirit was there, and strong  2. They both understand that this means one step closer to their baptism on the 20th, but even more, one step closer to something even bigger, and better. And that is the day that they will all kneel together and be sealed as a family for time and all of eternity in the House of the Lord.  What marvelous day that will be!

We had exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. That was a blast and so many miracles were witnessed. Elder Horman and I on Friday tracted into an 18 year old kid who was walking home from school. His name was Jose and is awesome! Apparently two missionaries ran into him a couple of months ago and never followed up!:(  In the missionary world that is a big no no. Anyways he is already half way through it, and loves it! We gave him another Restoration pamphlet, and set a return appointment with him for this next week. But check it…the next day (Saturday) I told Elder Deason about him and I just kept getting the feeling that we should go over now, and not wait!  He is ready, and ready now. No need for anyone to "wait" in this life to hear the message that we have to share! Anyways we did that exact thing! So Saturday in the late afternoon we went over and met him! We were able to get in the door, and teach him. We did some HTBT, with an emphasis on the Book of Mormon, Baptism, and Prayer. Long story short he felt the spirit, and he committed to be baptized on June 3rd. First lesson. So amazing. So blessed. I received my own witness when we were right there teaching him that the Lord does indeed pave the way for gathering his elect. Jose is a textbook example. He is ready, willing, and hungry for the truth.

That same day we also as a mission had the glorious opportunity to receive a 2 hour training from one of the Lord's annointed. Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  It was incredible.  He is very powerful, and very inspiring. And very sharp as well.  That man's got this whole life thing figured out…you knew the moment he walked into the room, that he  knows the Savior. He spoke a lot about divine law, and the "how and "why" of making Christ the center of our lives and building up from there.

God bless you all.  And it is my prayer that He will show you, as you act in accordance to his will, what can come into one's life as we truly learn what it means to have a life built and centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel. May we all take up our cross daily, and follow Him. Then stand with him, and not run when things get hard. For that is when we are truly tested. Will you run and hide? 

I am loving my mission. Because I have found true Joy. 

Love, Elder Judd

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