Monday, November 28, 2016

Turkey day.

Dear Friends Fam and Friends,

Week 5 is down for the count.  Week 6 coming up fast:)  Transfers are next week so that it sooooo crazy.

Momma, thank you for that ADVENT CALENDAR! ...It made me get emotional.  I can't wait to apply those scriptures.  Christmas here is going to be hard. Not because of the presents, or the snow, or the traditions, but because I am without my family.  I am scared but really excited.  I am missing you guys so much.  Please have a good Christmas!  And know that I am doing the best thing in the world.

This week was full of Tender Mercies, and so many Miracles!

We have a new Investigator! His name is Ulysees. He is Catholic, but wants something "more" which is exactly what we have! Our first time we met with him on Saturday! We committed him to be baptized and he said yes! We have plans to set him with a date this Friday. 

The Lord truly does reward those who are faithful, and endure. 

The work here is tough, but with Faith, Christmas time, and most of all the never failing Grace of our Lord and Savior…we always see our fruits. 

Thanksgiving was amazing, and we got to spend it with an amazing Family from the WLV ward!  

Highlight of the Week: The TEMPLE!!

I would like to end with my simple testimony of the Blessing it is to have Temples here on Earth. I testify that it is God's home here on the Earth. It is not until you gain a testimony for yourself, that you will fully understand both the reality, and Power of that Statement.

I invite you all to attend the temple once a week, and as you do this you will receive the Spirit. A Prophet has commanded it, and We want to obey right? Do it.

We believe no Matter what happens or doesn't happen!

Love, Elder Judd

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