Saturday, October 1, 2016

Will your banner be clear?

Hello All!!!

Elder Judd huuurr! This week has been truly wonderful, fruitful, and full of MIRACLES!

Elder Morgan and I are loving it, and loving each other. 

The ward is wonderful, and they love doing missionary work! Which is the best part about it. Because member referrals means baptisms. As I said last week, Tida and Eva both have a date for October 15th. They are both so amazing, and are soooooo ready. More ready than they know. I am finding myself saying how much I truly love them all the time. And I would do anything for them. The same goes for a lot of the people in this ward. 

Along with Tida, and Eva…this passed Wednesday we tracted into this man's house named Mark! He let us in very lovingly. He is (was) a JW…we ended up teaching the restoration, and the spirit was very strong. He's in his mid 30's and lives alone. Long story short...Mark Jarbaski committed to be baptized on October 22nd. OH MY GOSH! right?? 

We have been so grateful, and find ourselves offering up more and more gratitude prayers everyday. We will continue to meet with him twice a week, and get him on his way. As we strive to begin with the end in mind, we picture every person we see whether we see them on the street, on their doorstep, or if we're teaching them a lesson. We see them all in temple white. NO MATTER WHAT. Baptism is the first step, "faith unto repentance.” 

Momma, I love being a missionary. The work is hard, but is bringing forth fruit. I can't believe the Lord has given us 3 baptismal dates already. Just trying not to be hard on myself even though I am. I can sure feel the power of the adversary everyday. Even stronger as a missionary. Make sure you let your missionaries know that. Satan hits the strong points, God hits the weak points. That's why the score is the way it is.

Working hard every day. But trying to work harder. I'm striving to be perfectly obedient, but I do find myself faltering.

It's hard, very hard. I love Elder Morgan, and all that he does. My heart it slowly but surely letting go of home.

I would like to bear you all my personal testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, the tomb is empty, and He is coming back for his own. And he does so quickly. 

 I leave you all with this question to ponder, as you prepare to meet your maker... 

"Will your banner be clear?"

Love, Elder Judd

My first ZL

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