Monday, October 3, 2016

'We still have no idea what we're doing. Thank goodness for the Spirit.'

Dear Family and Friends,

Week 9 in the books! It's crazy to think that I've been a missionary for almost 3 months!!  It's going too fast! 

Well the work here in Westlake is harvesting, just as the Lord promises.

This week is miracle week! This coming Saturday we will be having 2 Baptisms! Remember Eva Key and Tita Lawerence? Well it is their week! They are so ready, and they are so excited. I have truly came to love them so very much, and want nothing but salvation for them. We cannot wait for the time when they both will be able to go to the temple to take out their endowment. That is the main goal.

It's my Testimony that God rewards hard work. It's as simple as that. As you serve with an "eye single towards the Lord’s will”, He will grant you the desires of your heart. 
The success of Elder Morgan and I has simply happened because God has allowed it too.  Elder Morgan is a wonderful missionary, who loves his purpose, and knows it, but above all he applies it. He's a very smart, and intelligent teacher. I learn from him every day and will continue to do  so.

We still both have no idea of what we are doing. Thank Goodness for the Spirit.

I hope you all LOVED Conference as much as I did! I think we take it for granted, the chance we have to Listen to and learn from God's Chosen Prophet and Apostles. As President Monson teaches: "Whom God calls, he qualifies.”  I learned so much from every talk, and took all of it to heart. As a missionary, conference has a different meaning to you. Just remember whenever they speak, it's none of their doing, it’s all by the Spirit. 

One of my most favorite parts of Conference was watching and listening to the Missionary Choir!  I CRIED THE WHOLE TIME. To see soooooo many of my good friends with those tags on, singing those songs. It's crazy to see how we all share that same desire and testimony to serve the Lord.  That was simply just another batch of troops, preparing to be put on the front lines. They are coming, and are coming in hot…so look out Satan!

I love you, and miss you. I'm working hard, finding the elect, and Enduring to the End. Truly all thanks to God.

I love being Obedient, and seeing the POWER and blessings that come from being so. 

God lives! Your divine and merciful God and the creator of all knows you by name, and knows you personally.

How awesome is that???!!!

Hurrah for Israel

Love, Elder Judd
 Watching General Conference with an investigator
 Helping clean up a relief society enrichment activity

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