Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What else can I put on my altar of Sacrifice?

Hello From Elder Judd!

Week six of this transfer in the books and with it comes March!  It’s almost spring!  I heard it's pretty cold home, with lots of snow. I am so sorry but I cannot relate:) Sunny and 65 all week long. It has been extra green and beautiful from the rain last week. 

We were walking along the beach contacting, and some guy who did not look very happy came up and offered us his child, and walked off without his kid!  The little boy was about 3-5 years old, so it was really sad. As missionaries we can't take children, so we were kinda in a pickle here…we stayed with him until a random lady came up and got him. Hopefully it was his mother. The same day we also talked to a couple of Crip's so that's always fun! Sometimes they are rude but most the time they are really cool and nice! They know who we are, and told everyone else that we're “God's Chosen" so that's funny:) 

I am getting transferred to Lompoc! I am really really sad to leave my area. Like very sad. I am sad to leave all my kids but it's okay! They are all so great, and will be missed. What a great opportunity to start fresh. I am in the Mesa Oaks Family ward. My companion will be Elder Ballintyne and he came out with me so that should be fun! The nickname for my area is Lompton, because apparently (aside from Oxnard) it is like the hood of the mission! I am really excited!

I love being a missionary so much! I hope you all are finding true joy in spreading the Gospel... the Good news:)

 Also, I want to apologize for my competitive nature at home. I was prideful and I am improving.

What else can I put on my altar of Sacrifice?

Love, Elder Judd  

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