Monday, February 6, 2017

'The Veil is thin.'

Hi mom! 

Thanks for the picture of Ethan and his date. Ethan looks so good, and so grown up! He’s 16 already? He ALMOST makes those shoes look as good as I can:) 

This week was great, and full of miracles. More for myself than the area. We are teaching a guy right now who's name is Clay Allan. He has gone as far off the path as you can imagine. Addictions of every kind. Seriously. A couple of weeks ago his girlfriend miscarried, which was sad. But also a relief for him because he knows he is nowhere ready for that responsibility. We were supposed to meet with him this past Tuesday and Thursday. He cancelled both times. We felt prompted so we showed up at his house this past Saturday. I was on exchanges with Elder Seui Fola from SLC who I LOVE!! He's like my brother. Anyways, Clay opened up the door and we began from there. We taught them both for about 30 minutes. Long story short, it was AMAZING!! She plans on meeting with the sisters this week. And Clay from now on will be calling us when he wants to change. Mom, I was filled with the spirit. He was smoking all during our visit and couldn't control himself, and when I closed, something came over him. He dropped his cigarette and became completely still. As stiff as a board. My eyes were on his for the remainder of those two minutes. He was completely silent. He then cried. Closing prayer, and we were gone.

My comp is great, I am loving him for who he is. I am loving Ventura County and want to live here after I retire. We are at Ventura College almost every day. 

I am applying humility everyday, and much more. I want you to know that I am trying.

I’ve been thinking about Grandpa Judd.  I’m up every morning at 6:30am and out of the apartment to exercise. Exhausted from the previous day, but ready for another. Just like him...

I then think of him, Grandpa Judd, up before the crack of dawn, out to feed the calves in the field, and attend to the work that needs to be done. The work that lies ahead. Whether it's moving pipe, fence line, harvesting, whatever it was. He did it. He did it with exactness, every time, the first time. 

As I am running, right outside our apartment I look up. I see 2 trees. Those same 2 trees from the looks of it, that are in Glenwood. Identical.  Next to the barn, where every so often, 2 or 3 bald eagles sit still.  I remember Grandpa always being the first to point them out. And then being able to talk about them. Forever. :) 

I know and testify that the veil is thin, that Grandpa Judd perhaps may be with me more than he ever has been in my life. I call upon him for strength. And without fail, every single time, I hear him. "Elder, If you'r half the missionary we think you are, you'll be alright.”

Love, Elder Judd

Me and Elder Seui Fola

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  1. Dying to know the story behind that mound of McDonalds :)