Monday, August 8, 2016

The last email from the MTC.

Hi Fam and Friends!

Week two went by so fast! I can't believe that I will be in California in 4 days. This MTC has been amazing, and life changing. But at the same time I am so excited, and ready to enter the field! I have been learning so much everyday! My love for my companion has grown even more since the last email I sent you guys. We are working very hard, and having fun everyday while doing it. I love being a missionary!

This week was great. Went by so fast! We have two investigators and on is named Sam who is from tonga. He's an ex-marine and is very large. At first it was very hard to gain that TRUST with him because he's had some scuffles with the church and other members in the past. He was very hesitant. But lesson after lesson, his guard seems to lower every time we meet with him. He has accepted the challenge to read and pray about the BOM, Which he has been doing for 3 days now. And when we show Heavenly father our desire to loose our pride, and come unto him..that is when the spirit is able to work. And this is exactly what is happening to Sam. And my companion and I can't help but be happy. We love to work. It makes us happy. Last time I talked about that friendship. Everyday I begin to see how I am fueling that relationship. Which is exactly what I want. But more importantly is what my Heavenly Father wants from me. I have been set apart as a missionary for HIS church. Who was called of God. I am an actual representative of Jesus Christ. Pretty cool huh? Be jealous.

Our next investigator is Dongo (tong-how). He's from  South Korea. He's been learning English for about 10 months now, which makes the communication a little tough. But luckily the spirit is on our side, who doesn't require language to speak to him. He's a 25 year old who lives in Provo. He's family practiced Buddhism. But as he grew he wanted to know of the truth for himself. And has still "yet" to find it:)..He's very open, and wants to know the truth! He started reading the BOM two days ago and has been praying. And it unaware of what this "feeling" is every time he reads this book. Little does he know that is the Holy ghost. Which is really what we are feeling on leading towards when we meet with him tomorrow. One of the many things I have been learning here at the MTC is how to Prepare with the spirit. As we strive to prepare for each individual investigator, and follow the spirit's promtings on what and how to prepare. We then show God that we really want nothing but the best for this person. And when we have prepared by the spirit, and maybe the lesson goes south, we know have prepared the way the lord wants us too, and we will still have the spirit. Which is all that matters. As it says in D&C..."If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

Remember Jose who I talked about last time!? We followed up again, set a date for Baptism! September 3rd is the day Jose will enter the waters of Baptism. He knows so much, and has a desire to know more! His eyes have been opened, and a new journey awaits him. We seem him every day, and without fail September 3rd always comes up. He has been reading the BOM, and praying everyday since we first day we met him. Which was 10 days ago. When we wholeheartedly combine sincere prayer, and diligent scripture study, the Lord is bound. And their is NO WAY we will not receive personal revelation from the God. I challenge you all to never go without praying when you study your scriptures. As I have, do that for 1 week straight and compare the results. Not just Jose, but all of my investigators have impacted my life in so many ways, and they don't even know they do it. Elder Holland talks about how before any missionary does the converting, he/she must convert themselves. 

I am so happy, and proud of Jose for making the necessary changes in his life to enter into this sacred covenant. 

I have loved every second, of every day here at the MTC. I am ready to serve the people of Ventura California. The only sad part is that I will have to say goodbye to most of my district. I have truly come to Love every one of them. (don't worry mom they're all elders.) There are 12 missionaries in our district. Which is rare. But I know without a doubt, and we talk about it every night, that we were all put together for a reason. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. But I know without hesitation that as I strive to be perfectly Obedient, and listen to the promptings of the holy Ghost, the future is bright. 

My path is set, my gait is fast, I am apart of the fellowship of the unashamed. I love you all. The next time we talk, I will be serving my mission in California Ventura!
Love you all, see you in about 715 days. 

Jeremiah 31:3 

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

 A friend of Parker's sent this to us.  
She said Elder Judd was one of the happiest missionaries in the MTC.

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