Monday, August 29, 2016

'Benji's doing well. Elder Judd is doing even better.' - August 29, 2016

Hello Fam and friendzzz!?! 

Week 4 is in the books! That's crazy to think right? Missing you all so much. I would love to hear from some of you! Feel free to email me if you want!

This week was awesome! Elder Christenson and I sure have a lot of funny stories! 

Did any of you accept my invitation? I sure hope you did! And if you didn't receive your answer it's because 1. your faith OR 2. you didn't listen. :)...Hope the first week of school for you seniors went well! All you seniors walk around like you own the joint. It's okay, I did too. The only difference between me, and you is that I really did. Haha. 

Anyway, we think we found our family for September! Please pray for Angela and Logan and their 2 boys named Drake, and Logan! 

We have another appt. set up for this Thursday with this old lady named Erma who we plan to invite to be baptized this week! Pray for her! She's so sweet, and loves us. Just is a little scared. Which is okay! When we invite someone to be baptized, that is not a small task! We are asking them to take a leap of FAITH and literally change their way of life. But in the end we know that whatever effort we as mere mortals put forth on behalf of our own personal salvation, that what we receive will be more than 100 fold from the Lord. If the Gospel seems easy to live, you might be doing something wrong.

A couple of weeks ago our president issued us the challenge to contact at least 50 people every wee. I turned to my comp and told him that we would double that and that's exactly what we did! We contacted 112 people this week! And that was without a Tuesday, because we didn't have any time to proselyte because we had a training meeting all the way out in Oxnard!  I love talking to people, and I love testifying of Jesus Christ. There's no better gift that you can leave with someone than a brief testimony of the Son of the Living God. 

ONE of our miracles for the week! AND proof that God answers prayers: It was 8:55 at night and we had to be to our car by 9 to head for home. 
We were about 100 yards away from our car on Foothill, (a popular street at night). We knelt and offered up a quick gratitude prayer, and pleaded to see one last miracle before we got to our car. We said amen, stood up and headed for our car. FIVE seconds after our prayer we ran into a young man named Mark. He is a college student here at SLO. We introduced ourselves, testified of Jesus Christ, and he cut us off and said "I don't believe the whole 1800's story and I don't want to talk to you." He was referring to the first vision and Joseph Smith. He thought we worshiped Joseph Smith, which we do not, so that's what we told him...we SOMEHOW taught him a quick 10 minute restoration, gave him a BOM, and left him with our testimony. The last thing he said to us was.."I hope this is true, because if it is you just changed my life." The Spirit was so strong. We got Mark’s phone number, and address and he is expecting us later this week.

I bear you all my personal testimony of the reality of the Power that the Spirit holds. And the DRAMATIC DEFINING role the Holy Ghost plays in each and every one of our personal conversion. There is no earthly way, in a matter of 7 minutes, that Mark could have gone from "I don't want to to talk to you.” to "I hope this is true, because if it is you just changed my life." WITHOUT the divine power of the Holy Ghost. It was NOTHING that we said. It was the Spirit, and the Spirit only. All we did was create the environment for Mark where the Spirit was then able to work on him. Then Mark did the rest, by softening his heart, and accepting the fact that in the year of 1820, God the Father and his son Jesus Christ did indeed appear to a young 14 year old boy named Joseph Smith. We meet with Mark this week, and CANNOT wait to see how things go. Please pray for him!

I love you, and miss you all so very much. Benji's doing well. Elder Judd is doing even better.

Love, Elder Judd

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