Monday, August 22, 2016

SLO in the SLO - August 22, 2016

What Up! What Up! What Up!

Week three is in the books. Unlike the first 2, it was very SLO this week in SLO. haha get it? I went on exchanges twice this week! First with Elder Hamelin who is also from UT! I went to Morro Bay on Tuesday and spent the whole day there. It was awesome. It's literally on the ocean! I learned so much and was lucky to experience another area. Later in the week I went with an Elder from Heber City UT! Haha it was awesome. His name was Elder Dorius, and I learned soo much! He only has 3 weeks left! I love him so much. 

We met a lady named Angela this past wee. She has 2 little boys named Logan and Drake. I haven't met her husband yet. I don't know what it is but I have had a good feeling about this family. They are so sweet, and so kind. Elder Christenson and I extended a promise to our whole ward during testimony meeting. (3 weeks ago) We promised them that "with their help, and the Lord’s, that we are going to baptize a family in the month of September." Pretty cool huh? That is exactly what we are going to do. We both are so excited, and think this is it. We have already dropped several investigators and families. But the Lord will always provide. We are to find the elect, and to plant seeds. To find those who the Lord has been preparing. 

People here in SLO are very interesting. We live right next to Cal Poly, (college) and so we always run into young and old college students. I swear every person here owns a dog. (dad you wouldn't like it):) And every one here owns a motorcycle. (mom you wouldn't like it):) But my comp knows a lot about bikes, and I love dogs so it works great. For example…we will be walking down the street and everyone we see will try to ignore us, then all we have to do is whistle at the dog they are walking with, because then it will come right on over to us, and they can't do anything about it:) That's when we work. They get bugged at it, but we don't really care. :) 

My comp just calls it tracting or door to door but I like to call it "Big Work." I don't know it just sounds cool. Gotta do the big work so you can get the big boy results. It's amazing what kind of interactions we have with people. They love to talk, but as soon as they see the tag they shut down. You would be surprised how many times we get asked... "Do you work here?" or "Where is the liquid beverage section?”…whenever we are in the grocery store on Mondays.

Over the past couple weeks I have really learned the importance of the COMBINATION of sincere prayer, and diligent scripture study. If you want to talk to God pray, if you want God to talk to you read your scriptures. Please think about that. In, and of itself, we have the ability to communicate with the creator of all, the great and the powerful almighty God. Who loves us, and is begging for us to address him, and offer up the most deepest, most inner part of our hearts...PLEASE READ THOSE LAST TWO SENTENCES AGAIN. That is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

God has given us the ability/chance/blessing IF WE WANT TO, to receive personal revelation from God HIMSELF. Testifying to YOU the truth, or answer to whatever you may seek or need according to God's will. As representatives of Jesus Christ we as missionaries have the wonderful opportunity to extend invitations to everyone we meet, IF we feel we should. 

I would like to extend a invitation:

YOU: Starting when you read this email, address your Father in Heaven in SINCERE prayer and specifically ask him to if it be his will to open up your heart to anything He needs you to know, and pray to have His spirit as you do the thing I am about to tell you. AND SPECIFICALLY ASK HIM ONE QUESTION YOU HAVE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT. It must be specific and sincere . After you say amen, open your scriptures. Then open to wherever you are currently reading. Begin from where you last left off and read THREE verses. Having the Love of God in your heart, and consecrated Faith that God answers prayers, I promise you that your answer will be given unto you in those first THREE verses you read. Make sure and LISTEN. Your answer may not come in the actual words you read, but carefully and intently listen to the voice of the spirit. DO NOT listen with your ears, the true, unfailing pathway for personal revelation is your heart. 

Please do this, and I will be emailing a couple of you to see how it went...don't think so? okay:)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most real thing we have today. Jesus Christ is at the helm.  It ALL has been given to us. If you only want to obey some of the commandments, only follow the spirit on your own terms? If that is the case...then get your own church. God will not be mocked. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not the church. They are to very different things. We do not become converted to the church, bishops, or apostles. We do not convert to President Monson. If YOU or your friend have left the church or are questioning the church because of something your bishop said, or a neighbor said? Then read this paragraph 100 times over. The church of Jesus Christ is the only true, and complete church on the earth today. 

I leave also a little invitation with you all as well which is to: Always have the words Jesus Christ on your lips.

Love you all.
Mosiah 4:27

Love, Elder Judd

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