Monday, June 12, 2017

'So many cool miracles...'

Fam and Friends, 

Another great one here in the best BEST MISSION EVER! So many cool miracles wrought from the hand of the Lord so that sure helps a ton! Well it's kinda impossible to do this work with out Him so that is how it should be...Also had the chance to do some more service this week which was a blast. It's my testimony that when you serve people, you find people. How does that relate to you? We're trying to find people to Baptize. What are you trying to find? Counsel, blessings, Answers to Prayers...etc? Cause and Effect. Get out and serve someone, and exercise your faith and heart. Then find something. Which can be anything you desire in faith. (If it be the Will of the Lord of course)

Had a wonderful Sabbath yesterday! We had a really good Sacrament meeting, and an RM spoke so that was really cool to see. Anyways later that night we had a really cool lesson that turned into a New Investigator! His name is Jose and he is 18. He's a referral from a member so that means Baptisms:) The member coached him in Track in HS so that was cool.  We had a really cool lesson with him and really spent time getting to know him, and also taught a little bit of the Restoration lesson. The spirit was so strong. We really hit hard, and told him to pay attention to your "feelings." "Because that is why you will want to join this church. Because of how you feel." At the end of the lesson as we were testifying he talked about how he could "feel it". What a tender mercy that was. We plan to set him with a date this Wednesday when we meet with him. So at 5:30 (UT time) be praying for Jose, and pray for us that we will be guided and directed. 

From this Experience with Jose it makes me think of this Scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants.  We know that all "true Knowledge" in this life is obtained "by the Comforter, through the prayer of faith." Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer, and then the Result of that Prayer that is kindled by Faith. Which for us Missionaries is the Lord's Pattern for Obtaining the Companionship of the Holy Ghost. 

  And let them journey from thence preaching the word by the way, saying none other things than that which the prophets and apostles have written, and that which is taught them by the Comforter through the prayer of faith.

Love, Elder Judd

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